Savor Freshness On The Go

Indulge in handcrafted sandwiches, wraps & soups made from Freshest Veggies Available.

Our Delicious Offerings

Discover our menu variety that caters to all tastes.


Handcrafted sandwiches from scratch with fresh, quality ingredients.


Savor delicious wraps bursting with flavor and goodness.

High Quality Pastas

Delight in authentic High Quality pastas prepared with care.

Soup of the Week

Warm up with our weekly special homemade soups during cold days.


Experience international catering for events of any size or occasion.

Fresh Veggie Wraps

Explore our selection of fresh veggie wraps for a healthy indulgence.

Crafted with Passion

Discover the journey of Chef Erlyn Sanchez and family bringing love through food.

Our Services


Sandwich Making

Learn the art of creating the perfect sandwich with quality ingredients.


Culinary Workshops

Join our culinary workshops and delve into the secrets of authentic flavors.


Event Catering

Trust us to cater your events with a diverse menu that pleases every palate.

Discover Our Story

A tale of passion for exquisite food and warm hospitality, fueling our culinary dream.

Meet Our Chefs

Erlyn Sanchez

Executive Chef


Cylea Sanchez


Indulge in Flavorful Creations

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