Delicious Handcrafted Eats To Go

Experience a unique variety of sandwiches, wraps, fresh veggies, high quality pastas, and more from our food truck in Oklahoma City.

Exciting Future Offerings

Stay tuned for our upcoming delectable options!

Special Wraps

Handcrafted wraps filled with fresh ingredients, a burst of flavors in every bite.

Artisan Sandwiches

Savor our made-from-scratch sandwiches, a delightful treat for your taste buds.

Seasonal Soups

Warm up with our weekly soup specials, homemade goodness to comfort your soul.

Local Veggie Delights

Enjoy fresh veggies sourced from local farmers in our savory dishes, a healthy indulgence.

High Quality Pastas

Indulge in our high quality pastas, crafted with care, and served with love.

Global Flavors Catering

Explore a diverse range of international cuisines with our catering services, tailor-made for your event.

Ready to Taste The To Go Box?

Contact us now for a free tasting or to discuss your catering needs.

Our Delicious Offerings

Discover our menu variety that caters to all tastes.


Handcrafted sandwiches from scratch with fresh, quality ingredients.


Savor delicious wraps bursting with flavor and goodness.

High Quality Pastas

Delight in authentic high quality pastas prepared with care.

Soup of the Week

Warm up with our weekly special homemade soups during cold days.


Experience international catering for events of any size or occasion.

Fresh Veggie Wraps

Explore our selection of fresh veggie wraps for a healthy indulgence.

Indulge in Flavorful Creations

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